You are Who Your Friends Are

They say that you are the 5 people that you surround yourself with most. As a child and a teenager that is usually your friends, but as an adult, you have more power to decide who you spend your time with which begs the question, what kind of people do you want to reflect? In … Continue reading You are Who Your Friends Are


Joy in My Kitchen

I have always loved being in the kitchen. I love to cook and create, but most of all, I love to eat and drink wine. It wasn't until last summer when I had the feeling that feeding myself was spiritual. Yes, you read that right. There is something about being in the kitchen that connects … Continue reading Joy in My Kitchen

Finding Peace

  It's a Sunday afternoon, the windows are open and the melody of the birds chirping is mixing delightfully with the sound of Josh playing his guitar. My hair is down and a little messy, the dogs have been walked and the laundry is done. In the words of John Mayer, "nothing to do, nowhere … Continue reading Finding Peace