Why, why, why?

Haley Lauren Jenne

Haley, Myself, and Jenne

For my Fundamentals of Online and Digital Media class we were given the assignment to create, and keep up with, a blog of our choice throughout the semester. As I scavenged my brain for a good idea to choose as my topic nothing seemed to jump out and scream, “Lauren, this is it!” I am an avid advocate of classic fashion, reading, and living a healthy lifestyle, but I knew those were things that I didn’t necessarily want to write about continuously. I kept asking myself, what would you want to read from someone else? I wanted an inner monologue that wasn’t an opinion being shoved down the readers throats; something funny, sometimes serious, and most of all relatable even if it is in a backwards sense. That’s where the idea for this blog was born. Why not write about all of the oddities that happen within my own home and town? Living with roommates in college produces not only the rawest stories, but odd habits, uncoorelated events that somehow still end up running into each other, and advice for what to do when you see that boy that you accidentally gave your number to. So here’s to a semester of blogging about what-did-you-just-say’s, tweets sent out about the obscenities we hear/see on the bus, and all of the times we drink wine out of coffee mugs.

Lauren and Sam roommate

Samantha and Myself

Here’s the link to my twitter to see the things that I see on the bus, from my porch, or just in every day life: https://twitter.com/LaurenIndian


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