Healthy On The Go

I love Chick-Fil-A. Josh loves to argue with me on the nutrition facts of Chick-Fil-A. “It’s fast and easy and it’s not like McDonald’s. It’s chicken. You can get it grilled.” I then start to list off MSG, sodium levels, additives… to no avail, of course (he knows I’m right.) So, if even Chick-Fil-A isn’t healthy, what can you do without spending all of your money?

Meal. Prep. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – prepare for your week. Would you go into a presentation under prepared? No. Treat your body the same way. Take care of yourself so that you can have what you need when you need it.

Besides full meals, what else can you prep? This is what I want to talk about. I love to snack. I love having something salty and then something sweet. I loooooove chips (honestly, I just love potatoes.) I love chocolate. I couldn’t live without on-the-go breakfasts.

If goldfish and hot Cheetos kept me full and my body working right, I’d probably eat them every day.. unfortunately they’re not real foods and I need more to sustain me. So here are a few on-the-go’s that I’ve been obsessed with lately that you may want to consider throwing in your purse (click on the links to see where to buy or where to find a good recipe):


Store Bought:

RX Bars – what I love about RX Bars is that there’s no BS in them (it even says so on the packaging.) You aren’t grabbing a bar with all of the added sugars and chemicals. They are what they are and that’s plain to see. There is no gimmick.

Larabars – I love Larabars for the same reason that I love RX bars. Lately I’ve been really into the fruits and greens Larabars because it gives you different kinds of nutrients to satisfy and sustain your body.

Green juice – If you’re like me, your greens are SO HARD to get in through breakfast. I am the worst about it. I also do not have room for a juicer in my small apartment, so I buy my green juice from Trader Joe’s. Like the above bars, the juice is what is is and there’s nothing added to it. If you buy the green juice that I have linked you’ll get in one bottle: 17 kale leaves, 1lb of spinach, 1 large apple, 1/4 of an english cucumber, 1 celery stalk, 1 lemon and 2 inches of ginger.

Butter Coffee – If you haven’t tried butter coffee yet – do it. Now. Immediately. It is so creamy and so good. With a blend of MCT Oil, butter and coffee you get full on the healthy fats and still get to have that caffeine kick.


trufflesSalted Cacao Truffles – The truffles I have linked aren’t salted, but if you add in some Sea Salt or Himalayan Pink Salt it is sure to be a hit! What I love about these truffles is that they are so chocolate-y and full of antioxidants and no added sugars! If you’re allergic to dairy, wheat or eggs like me then these are the sweet treat for you.

Some of the health benefits of cacao include: 40x the antioxidants than blueberries, highest plant based source of iron, full of magnesium (promotes heart and brain health), natural mood elevator (I mean… chocolate.)

pb barsPeanut Butter Bars – These peanut butter bars are seven ingredients and so. good. Add in some cacao nibs for a little bit of a chocolate-y taste and antioxidants! These bars are full of healthy fat to keep you full throughout your day. If you’re not into agave nectar then use some honey like I did!

pumpkin breadPumpkin Bread – Use almond flour for your pumpkin bread!! Don’t use sugar, honey/maple syrup does the job of sweetening. There are so many ways to tweak this recipe to your liking. If you’re not allergic to eggs like I am then use eggs! If you have oat flour and that’s it… use that, but whatever you do don’t make the excuse that you can’t have healthy sweets.

Pumpkin benefits: potassium (think of your blood pressure!), fiber (help keep yourself full), Beta Carotene is what gives pumpkins their orange coloring and turns into vitamin A in our bodies to support our overall health, eye health and reduces our risk of certain cancers.

bone brothBone Broth – Looking for proteins and a way to help heal your gut? Bone broth. Bone broth. Bone broth!!!! Did I say bone broth already? Whether you buy it or make it at home, bone broth is one of the healthiest and satiating things that you can put into your body. By adding apple cider vinegar into your pot you are able to pull out the nutrients from the bones that we often do not get from meats or stock. Bone broth is packed with collagen (think healthy skin, hair and nails) and Glutamine which fuels the lining in the walls of your gut. People with diseases like crones and leaky gut need all of the glutamine that they can get their hands on! Diseases like that break down our gut walls when they need to be built up. Bone broth helps with supporting antioxidants, too!

If you’re looking for a way to stay healthy when you stay snackin’… look into some of these ideas that I love.. your stomach can thank me later.


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