Minimalist Watches: A Spring Must Have

Spring is right around the corner and my calendar is already booking up. From our engagement party to socials, vacations and everything else, we are about booked solid. With all of these events around the bend, I am in need of outfits that aren’t going to break the bank (since I’ll need a different one for every event, obviously.) Now that we are almost putting our coats away for the next eight months, the easiest way to achieve that is by styling with accessories.

As much as I love my blinged out, rose gold watches, lately, I’ve been really into the minimalist style of wooden watches like they sell at JORD wooden watches. They are sleek, delicate and timeless (get it?)

About 8 months ago my favorite Michael Kors watch was stolen on a flight and since then I haven’t gotten a new one. I am hard to please (ask my fiance) and there weren’t any that really gave me what I was looking for. When I saw Jord’s minimalist look, I immediately fell in love. Their timepieces are perfect for everyday wear, something that I always felt out of place with when I would wear my oversized, gold watch. After much debate, I ended up with the Zebra & Ivory Cassa Series watch from Jord and it truly has become something that I wear every day. If you’re looking for something a little different, the women’s watches in their collection offer so many different styles.

Jord also offers so many different options – whether you’re looking for yourself or a loved one. It’s February and I’m not kidding when I say that I already know what I’m getting everyone for Christmas. The men’s watches are the perfect present to get for my future Father-in-Law. Not only is the wood watch rustic and minimal, you can get it engraved too! I don’t feel like I have enough words to write a speech to thank him for raising such an integrous, gentle man, let alone put them onto a watch, but the personalized reminder will be thoughtful and simple.
Still on the edge about ordering one of these unique watches for yourself? I’m giving away $100 off of a Jord watch to a lucky winner If you’re interested click this link and get yourself or your boo a new watch! Even if you don’t win $100 off, Jord and I still have your back. By filling out the form, you will automatically get 10% off of a watch.

Luxury Wooden Watch


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