Coloring Your World: How to Celebrate Your Life and Each Other

A good majority of my days are spent wishing that I could skip around cracking cascarones on people’s heads; the vivid colors flying all around, giggles escaping everyone’s lips, I love it all. The few days in between where I am a thunderstorm rolling through everyone around me, colors are much less exciting and it’s the day-to-day that has beat me down.

Throughout the years I have found out that not everyone is like me, that their days are not sunshine “no matter what.” Part of my optimism may be my sanguine personality, a trait that not everyone else possesses, and also my concrete belief that “a cheerful heart is good medicine.”

Even though I am (normally) optimism, sunshine and rainbows, my better half is the exact opposite. Josh is shy and melancholy in demeanor, traits that I did not know how to live with at first but have chosen to celebrate in our life together. There are moments that he wants to spend alone, heart-deep, lost in a book when all I want to do is chat, chat and chat some more. The first few months of our relationship, I did not know how to take him not wanting to talk in depth about anything and everything, at all hours of the day. His self-reflection is spent alone and has rubbed off on me, forcing me to become more complete in simply being with myself.. funny how that works.

While this memento of our lives is a small “problem” to work through, I have seen too many people not celebrate the strength given to them by their partner or their situations, but rather tear the other person down. The cards that I was dealt in life are not at all times ideal or situations that warrant much sunshine, but throughout my life, I have decided to make the most of what I have been given. This is what I believe has made me a happy person more than the personality that I was given, the incredible man that I get to share my life with or the goodness that surrounds me.

Instead of talking to my friends about how annoying and stupid Josh is (which he isn’t), I lift him up. When I talk to Josh, I do not tell him that he is anything less than worthy of loving, because my job is to celebrate him even throughout the rough times. When I look at my life I am regularly sitting in awe at how incredible it is that I get to spend my life creating an environment that exudes love, intention, and self-sacrifice with the people that I love; to me, that is a privilege and a perspective that keeps me celebrating my life rather than putting it down.

For the month of April, my intention is to celebrate my life and my fiancé – after all, this is the only life (and hopefully husband ;)) I’m getting.

If we spent more time coloring our lives with the eyes of people filled with opportunity and wonder, we’d see less clouds in each other. Love people up close. Love people over the top. Celebrate working through the rough and tough, sitting on the mountain top and the steep inclines between valleys.

If we can do one thing right for our lives and our relationships, it is to keep how much they’re worth at the forefront of our minds. Celebrate good times (and hug it out in the bad.)

The recipe for a good life is simple, it’s choosing ingredients that focus on all we’ve been given, not what has been taken away.


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